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(712) 216-0498

Contract Commercial / UAS Pilot

Reports to:  Flight Operations Manager

Compensation:  $30 per aircraft engine hour; Negotiated rate per ground hour for UAS operation.

Period:  Late Spring through Fall

Location:  Iowa, Nebraska


Top Intelligence, Inc. is an advanced aerial imagery company specializing in precision agriculture, forestry, conservation, natural resources, construction, and mining.  Our services include using aircraft and UAS platforms to collect high-resolution aerial imagery throughout Iowa and Nebraska.

Contract Commercial pilots are needed to fly single engine aircraft and operate UAS. Hours will be dependent on work in your area. This is a great opportunity for pilot’s who are interested in UAS/Drone operations and want to increase flight hours.

​Primary Functions

  • Aircrafts: Cessna’s Equipped with special imagery cameras and recording devices
  • Aircrafts: Various UAS/Drones
  • Pilot will fly Cessna over East Nebraska and Iowa farms
  • Pilot will fly UAS over areas, as needed
  • Cessna operation will be 1000 to 8000 feet AGL
  • All flight plans will be developed by our Pilots or Flight Operations Manager and comply with all FAA requirements


  • Must have Single-engine Commercial Pilot’s license
  • Must have good interpersonal skills
  • Must be very good with MS office software (Excel, Word, PowerPoint)
  • Ability to travel within NE and IA on daily basis with possible overnight stays
  • Pilot will be responsible for training costs


  • Access to personal high wing aircraft (Will be compensated for it’s use)
  • UAS/Drone experience